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Good Thunderstorm Here

As I had hoped, we had a couple of thunderstorms here this evening. The radar during the afternoon, even during the morning, was looking promising, but I preferred not to get my hopes up too much. Yesterday we were on the outside looking in at the storms that popped up and sat for hours to our south. It really seemed as if I was seeing towers off to the south from lunchtime on through sunset yesterday.

The first mini line of storms missed us to the north, but there were more to the west. One popped up ahead of that line, basically over top of Mount Joy. We were eating supper when it suddenly started getting very dark. I just figured it was a shelf cloud from the storm up to the north. Soon after that, the big drops of rain began falling and then the typical very heavy thunderstorm rain. There were a few flashes of lightning during the storm, but the main lightning show occurred towards the end and as it was moving away. A few close strikes were visible.

We had a period of varying light rain before another one moved in from the west. This one, of course, featured some more very heavy rain. There was a decent breeze. Nothing approaching damaging here, let alone severe, but it was a nice summer thunderstorm. Like the first one, this storm featured lots of thunder at the end of it. Just frequent loud thunder with cloud to ground and across the sky under the cloud bolts. There was a decent amount of close cloud to ground lightning. I was surprised that I didn’t hear the fire trucks at all.

Double Rainbow Near Sunset

This is a photo of a double rainbow over a small factory type of building near sunset.

The thunderstorm moved off to the east just before sunset. I honestly thought the sun would be too low to create a rainbow. I just went outside to see if I could see any cool lightning bolts, but noticed a very bright rainbow. Then I noticed the outer rainbow, so it was a sunset double rainbow.

At least a couple of good things came from this hot and very humid day. I’m sure I’ll be bitching more about the heat and humidity, as it’s only going to get worse as the week goes on.