Got To Watch A Thunderstorm Blow Up

We just happened to be driving home from Lancaster on 283 today and when we went around a corner a large mushroom cloud looking Cumulus cloud appeared in the distance. I told my girlfriend it was a thunderstorm forming off in the distance and she was confused because it wasn’t dark. I looked at the radar and sure enough was one that had just formed just west of Carlisle.

It’s not common around here to be able to see them so far away. They tend to hide behind closer clouds but today that was the first one that popped up and there were very few other clouds. Smaller cumulus clouds were beginning.

This photo is the early stages of a thunderstorm from 30 miles away.

Cumulus Cloud Looked Like A Mushroom Cloud

This cumulus cloud looked like a mushroom cloud from 283.

She was fascinated by it and we had no other plans so we stopped by a nearby park on the way home with a clear view to the west. It felt great to collect some sun and watch the towers build and change as the cells cycled.

This photo is of a mature thunderstorm off in the distance.

Mature Thunderstorm

A few hours later the cluster approached us but by the time it was weakening as the outflow outran it. Off to our west though judging by the severe thunderstorm warnings it got pretty potent for a while.