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Nice Cold Shot

We are having a quick arctic cold snap right now. It made it down to 10°F which was pretty cold but no where near the record for the day. The record was -22℉ here, set in 1994. It was the coldest of the year but not close to the 2℉ my Davis vantage pro2 recorded last year. I remember that winter. Back in the Philly area we had rain and ice that winter. Further north and west they had snow and ice.

This time in 1994 the north eastern US was in the grips of an arctic air mass that set some all time records. Even in Philly it was one of those not too common times when when the temperature didn’t make it above 10.

I remember that being a fun winter which was cold and stormy. I wish I had access to the internet then and all the information that is available now. It would have made it more fun to watch.