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It Did Actually Snow Today!

Even though it has been above freezing all day today, it actually did snow. Hell, there’s even some on the ground where the sun’s strong solar radiation this time of the year when the sun’s radiation blocked by buildings and whatnot.

I didn’t expect it to accumulate at all, with the temperatures at the surface being above freezing and the fact that it was just in the 70s. I could have seen it accumulating if the precipitation was falling at night, but this is during the day and the sun is stronger now.

We didn’t get a lot. Maybe a quarter to half an inch or so of wet snow is on the grass in front of the house, where it’s still in the shadows and on elevated objects. At its heaviest, there was even a little on the patio, but that didn’t last long once the rates let up. It’s a shame this storm’s setup didn’t happen for us a month ago. That would have probably been a pretty good snow storm then. Oh well, it was nice to see some snowflakes falling from the sky again at least.