ne of the first things we saw when we got to the trail itself was this small spring.

February 17, 2003, brought us a nice major snowstorm to the area. It was my first one since moving here to Mount Joy. The storm, nicknamed the Presidents’ Day Storm, The thing I remember most about it is how cold it stayed. It started snowing and just seemed like it kept on going. With such a slow-moving storm, it seemed like the radar image wasn’t even making any progress. Yet with a strong high-pressure system to the north, the cold held strong.

It was definitely one of the big ones for the area. Maybe the biggest one I remember.

This is what was visible of a car parked.

This picture shows what was visible of a car that was nearly buried by the heavy snowfall and drifted snow.

A car that was barely visible in the snow

This is an idea of what it looked like in the Alley not all that far from where the train station is now.

Here's a picture showing deep snow in an alley.

Snow In The Alley

This just an example of the aftermath on Main Street in Mount Joy, PA.

A picture of the snow on Main Street in Mount Joy. It was odd seeing and hearing no cars.

This is a picture showing the heavy snow on Main Street, Mount Joy.

I will update this with more pictures and information later.