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What A Nice Day Today Turned Into

What a spectacular couple of days we’ve had for spring weather now. Yesterday started off much chillier, but it was sunny from the start and rapidly warmed into the middle eighties. There was a wide temperature range from the mid-thirties for the low all the way up to around eighty for the high. It was very dry with no humidity.

Today, on the other hand, began much milder than yesterday. The low temperature last night was only in the upper 50s. The catch was that a backdoor cold front and moved southwest past us, so most of the morning remained in the upper fifties to lower sixties. Around lunch, time that moved back east as a warm from and the sun started peaking out. The temperature rapidly rose into the mid to upper seventies, and by midafternoon was in the low eighties again.

Most years usually feature back door cold fronts that hang out in the area longer than forecast, and I was thinking today was going to be one of them. It was hanging tough this morning. The east winds from the cooler ocean didn’t seem to want to get pushed out, until they finally did.

By late afternoon the winds really picked up out of the south southeast. They were gusting around thirty miles per hour according to my weather station, and they seemed fairly strong when I was out on the patio. Between the warmth and the wind and the first day of the spring with higher humid, it was really giving me shore vibes. I couldn’t help to think of those great days on the beach, zoning out and letting my mind wander. It really had me imagining the sea breeze. I could almost taste and smell the salt in the air, thanks to my brain having that on today.

Later on in the afternoon, when Molly got home, she said that she was surprised I didn’t put the screen in the front door. That was all I needed to hear to get that done. I thought there might be days coming up that are too cool for that, but it doesn’t bug me at all. I’m mostly a furnace. She’s always cold.

It was wonderful having that strong breeze blow through the house. It was bringing all the fresh air through. That’s always a great thing in the spring to push the stale smelling air out. Even better was the wind was blowing in the back windows and out the front door, therefore pushing the cancer stick smoke away. Yes, they still chain-smoke and there’s nothing we can do about being exposed to the carcinogens every day. As long as there’s a tobacco lobby with big money and red state welfare, it’ll continue.