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Not A Bad Thunderstorm After All

This summer’s weather for the most part has been about the heat and humidity. It hasn’t been record breaking heat but it’s been pretty consistent save a few couple day periods of cool downs.

Today was no exception to the norms of this summer’s weather. Another humid day with temperature in the 90s after a bit of a foggy morning. In the afternoon I noticed some clouds were building.

Around 4 PM or near that time we had some light rain with some occasional distant rumbles of thunder. Nothing worth paying attention to. Really it was just enough rain to increase the humidity then that slowed down.

A minute or two later there where much more frequent and closer lightning strikes. Lots of cloud to ground strikes then very heavy rain and wind started for a few minutes. That did knock the the temperature down. It was a nice surprise after thinking we were going to get missed. Lots of close lightning strikes for a few minutes.