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Our First Eighty Degree Day?

Today started out warm and very foggy with some light rain. Normal spring weather here until the ocean warms up. Towards the afternoon the clouds started thinking, and the temperature started warming up a bit.

Finally, around 2:30 or 3:00 the humidity dropped and wind picked up with a clearing sky. The temperature shot up after that. It was actually pretty nice to lay on the patio chair in the sun to recover from the WOD. The wind settled down a bit, so we were still able to have burgers on the grill for supper, and they were good.

It was also great to have the windows open to let the house get some fresh outside air throughout. That’s always the best part of spring.

Unfortunately, pollen comes with spring to, and you could feel it blowing on you like a dust storm. I was hopeful that the thunderstorms in the western part of Pennsylvania would make it here, but they didn’t. At least we got to enjoy some nice sunshine.