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Last Year's Memorable Sleet Storm

This time last year, we had the most sleet I have ever seen. We ended up with about six inches of very compacted sleet and snow. We had some rain mixed in there too. It was heavy to shovel it. It was funny to see the people on the news trying to dig their cars out of the icy mass after everything refroze. We did ours while it was still fairly mild.

It warmed up enough for it to melt a bit, then we had a deep freeze. Everything froze as solid as a rock for a few days. It surprisingly enough didn’t seem that slippery either. While it stayed cold, the stuff didn’t melt and when the sun shined on it made it look like shiny ice. It was also fascinating to be able to just walk on top of the frozen sleet and snow. It was pretty much like walking on rough concrete.

The roads stayed covered with ice and Pa had a mess with a 50 mile stretch of I-78 being closed due to it for more than 24 hours. At some points, I-80 and I-81 were closed also.

There was also a fire across the railroad tracks from our house. That was a bit odd because I was just going to bed when I thought I smelled smoke. Me being the way I am, I had to find the source of the odor before I could go to sleep. If I remember right, they had trouble getting water to fight the fire due to frozen pipes.

This was a pretty memorable storm, for sure.

North of here in New York state and Vermont, some areas received record snow fall when a heavy band of snow set up over their area. They were the big winners as far as the amounts of snowfall was concerned. That looked like one intense band, and I hope to be under one like that someday.