This picture shows an Impressive April Thunderstorm.

Impressive looking thunderstorm for April.

While we didn’t get directly under the cell we did get the edge of it and it packed a lot of wind and plenty of thunder and lightning along with it. I wonder what it was like under that cell. We just got the tail end of it and gust front that was off to the south of it. There was a constant strong wind sound as it raced over us.

Let’s hope this is a sign of the thunderstorm activity to come this summer! Two days in a row of decent storms here during early April! The last few summers haven’t had a whole lot of thunderstorm activity. We just had more less tropical type very heavy rain with occasional rumbles.

Now the party is over for at least a few days after the temperature being in the 70s with a second shower coming through with strong gusts of wind then the cold front.