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Our First Snow Of The Year

Overnight we had our first snowfall of the year overnight last night. It wasn’t much. Just about a dusting on the grass, trees, and cars and the pavement was just a little wet, but it’s a start. There was virtually no wind and the temperature was near 32℉ with it very slowly rising it seems.

Here’s a picture of the snow on our tree stump that I grabbed once it started getting light. I’m sure there had been a bit more on there, but some of it had melted with the temperature being just about at or a bit above or below freezing.

The First Snow Of The Season

This picture shows a coating of fresh snow on a tree stump.

It was a nice calm morning with the feel and smell of fresh snowfall for our walk this morning. Even better was the fact that I’d woken up at 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so we had the time to go for a longer one. Nearly two miles was the total. It was nice seeing the fresh snowfall in various places. There were a few occasionally snow flurries or drops of drizzle. They were too far apart to even tell whether they were frozen or not. I just felt them hit my hair during the first half or so of our morning walk.

We heard a train off in the distance. The sound sure seemed to be originating over near the river, a couple of miles away. I was surprised to hear it from so far away and hear it fairly clearly for the distance between it and us. The atmosphere must be set up just right for the sound to carry.

It was pleasant to see some white stuff, but it’ll be gone as quickly as it fell. I didn’t think we’d see any accumulation since it’s been relatively warm except the past couple of days which have been a bit below average.