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Had To Cut The Grass, Proof that Winter Sucked

Let this day be proof of how terrible last winter was for snow lovers like myself. We had hardly any snow at all, and it was mostly a mild winter, save a couple of weekend arctic blasts. The grass only went partially dormant this winter.

It was really greening up the past couple of weeks, and I was suspecting that it was going to need to be cut in March. Sure enough, after the rain and thunderstorms last week, it really greened up and started growing. Yesterday I noticed it, so we charged the lawnmower battery.

I thought since it was sunny and fairly calm today, I would go ahead and cut the grass. It could have waited, but I thought why not just do get it done while it’s dry? The Karens around here might whine about it if I don’t mow when they see fit. At least the lawnmower wasn’t a big fuss to get started like the old gas one. It was a matter of putting the battery in and pushing the button to start it.

I don’t recall ever having to mow in March. Not even growing up back in the Philly suburbs where things were a bit earlier than here. Oh, well. I have spring fever now and am ready for drinks on the patio and enjoy some thunderstorms. Any snow that falls now would just be a waste. It would be nice to get some evenings on the patio before the mosquitoes go crazy.