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April Nor'easter

An intense spring nor’easter is occurring right now. We had a couple of inches of rain here yesterday but no flooding. My parent’s area near Philly probably had more than 5 inches of rain. My mom said the Neshaminy creek was flooded and last night the Poquessing creek near their house was up into people’s yards. I’ve read a few rivers in New Jersey are expected to have record flooding.

Today it’s pretty windy with some light rain rotating i from the east. Maybe after dark that’ll change to snow. There probably wouldn’t be any accumulation but it is the middle of April so I’ll take what we get. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like if this storm would have happened a couple of months ago. I do think there may have been a little bit of accumulating snow in Chester county.

It’s been a fun storm to watch. It got pretty deep. The pressure in the storm made it down to at least 29.60 inches. Here we got down to around 29.01 inches this morning when the storm was off the New Jersey coast. Mount Washington’s max wind today was 150 MPH.

I thought the wind would be worse here than it is. it’s been windy but nothing really damaging. The scanner has been quieter than I expected. It actually sounds fairly calm outside at the moment.