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Lightning Over A Mountain

I am making more posts from our trip to the mountains as I come across some unique stuff. The weather that week was very hot and humid. It was even hot up in Potter County, so I can’t imagine what it was like here at home. During that week, we had a cold front move through and some nasty storms popped up ahead of it.

This one here was a really fast moving and awesome looking storm. We didn’t really get much wind down in the valley, but the trees on the mountain were blowing like crazy. Molly was recording the storm with her camera and got a lightning bolt coming down onto the mountain. I figured out a way to pull this frame out of it and thought it looked really spectacular, so I just have to share it.

It really was great to get the opportunity to experience another thunderstorm in the mountains. I haven’t had that since I was around 20 or so, going to eight bees. The thunder is so much longer and louder when it echoes back and for off the mountains.

It was also nostalgic to watch the rain and wind edge move down the valley. The only thing I didn’t notice here that used to happen often near Hazleton is watching the updrafts off the ridge as the wind gets forced up when the mountain blocks it. I’m sure it was occurring here too, but it would have been to our backs, which were blocked by trees and such.

Lightning Over A Mountain

Here is a photo picture of a lightning bolt coming down on a mountain in Potter County.