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Nice Cold Front This Morning

I could be remembering wrong but I remember when I was a kid a lot more of the cold fronts hand wind and sudden temperature drops than they do now. I am sure it’s just selective memory. The same with them having good squall lines in the winter.

This morning I woke up to it being too warm in here with the outside temperature in the mid 60s and dew point close to 60. I heard the rain and wind start when I was taking my morning piss. That wind was strong. I thought I hard something hit the house so I’ll have to check things out when it gets light. That wind was ripping this morning with my maximum recorded gust being 36 mph. I’m sure it was actually higher than that but my weather station’s wind sensor is some What blocked by taller houses with wind from that direction.

The only thing missing from the morning’s squall line was thunder and lightning. I didn’t see any signs of lightning either in person or on lightning maps. I had been hoping for our first thunderstorm not only to enjoy one but to test out my Ambient lightning detector. So far it’s only reported one false positive strike unless that was actually from a squall line that was east of Lancaster county beyond it’s advertised range. We’ll get lightning soon enough. Each day that passes there’s more energy getting pumped into the atmosphere from the sun getting stronger in the northern hemisphere.

So far we’ve had a twenty degree drop in temperature in a little over two hours. It will continue to fall during the day but probably at a slower pace once the sun comes up and out.