Pretty Good Thunderstorm Last Night After Being Missed By A Few Earlier

Yesterday was a hot and humid day. There was at least a decent breeze though but it was still just unpleasantly humid.

We didn’t get much from the first batch of storms that looked really great on radar until they got closer to us. Of course the line slip before it got to us and we were in the hole.

Another cluster formed behind that but that sort of weakened as it got near us with strong cells to our north again. We just got a little light rain out of that but then after it passed I noticed the thunder had really ramped up its act. I saw on radar that a cell had really blown up to our southeast and could see it out side too. That had a nice cool outflow.

Turns out that that storm tore shit up down near Longs Park. Looks like they had a micro burst. The pictures I saw had lots of trees down and a trailer blown into the road. There are lots of large trees down there.

Finally for us a line blew up just to our west around 9:00 and survived it’s trip here. We had a little wind from it and very heavy rain. It also produced decent lightning. All in all it was a fun day capped off by a pretty decent storm. Not the best but nowhere near the worst.

Between last night and this weekend it should help at least a little with the dryness. The grass has been browner than I see it during a lot of summers around here. Hopefully this summer is a good one for thunderstorms. Last summer was lame in that regard.