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Last Week Was Hot And Humid

Last week was just hot and humid. The summer was fairly warm and humid, but nothing too bad. None of the summer’s hot spells really lasted too long. They were usually just a few days long.

Last week we had our longest heatwave of the year, lasting five days and getting above ninety degrees Fahrenheit. The streak could have been longer, and it was this close to being six or seven days longer. Friday’s high was just shy of ninety, and Saturday was merely a degree or so short of making it.

The only thing that’s been going for us is that the nights are a little longer now, so it’s been helping the temperature drop maybe a degree or two more than it would have during the dog days of summer. It’s still been awful, with lows around seventy. The dew points have been high, and I feel like I’ve been sweating nonstop for the week.

It’s been okay in the house, but it put a damper on our plans to take the sled out and play with it. I imagine touching that black metal in the sun would have felt like touching a hot frying pan in this heat. We were also hoping to get out in the woods geocaching, but once the heat backed off, we had other plans. Oh, well. We did get a First to Find here in town!

At least later in the period, a cold front stalled in the area and brought daily chances of thunderstorms. We’ve had some good storms here and much-needed rain, but most of the thunderstorms have missed us. It’s been fascinating to watch several of the cumulonimbus towers explode upward, though. The storms haven’t been moving that fast, so it’s been a case where I have been able to see a few grow from a few cumulus clouds into a cumulus congestus into a full storm. The storms have been great lightning producers. On Thursday, we even had a really nice roll cloud. The storms have formed to the south or southeast, where the view is much less obscured by trees, so it’s been a good open view of the development. good open view of the development.