About A Foot Of Snow Since Sunday

This storm was one of those with a lot of hype but things had to work out just right for it to live up to that hype. The energy transfer had to be to just the right place to throw the snow back into our area in central PA and it worked out this time.

We had some decently heavy snow in the first part on Sunday giving maybe three of four inches. Monday it switched to sleet and freezing rain throughout most of the day.

Finally in the afternoon as the new storm started taking over it through some nice heavy snow back westward into our area. We had a few hours of heavy snow giving us a total of about a foot of snow. Actually more than I expected as I am so used to these situations just not really working out in our favor. There' just so much that can go wrong.

By about bed time the snow was winding down into the lighter stuff and we ended up with about an inch or two overnight. Of course we got woken up about 9:45 by the snow blowers. Some people feel the need to use it to clear the street. I guess they don’t realize their tax money pays for snow plows