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Feeling Like Spring The Past Couple Of Days

The past couple of days have been feeling a lot like spring is on its way. Yesterday it was in the mid 60s with bright sunshine. I spent too much time out on the patio in that sun and actually got a little bit of sunburn on my face.

Today is just a damp and humid day There’s some rain with the afternoon high temperature in the mid to uppers 50s. The grass is starting to come out of it’s dormancy and turn green. I’m sure this rain and tomorrow’s 60s will help that along.

I really noticed it was feeling very much like early spring this morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop. The ground was wet from high dew points and still cold ground but it wasn’t raining. The birds were singing everywhere.

The radar looked pretty convective in the afternoon. Not like summer by any means but a step in that direction. We had a pretty gusty shower in the afternoon with the wind gusting to 30 mph or so from the south. I would guess maybe that was with the warm front moving through. Soon enough I’ll be bitching about the heat and humidity.