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More Pictures From Today's Snow Storm After The Sun Came Out

Shortly after my last post, the sun came out fully this afternoon. Between the warm temperatures causing wet snow this morning and the wind, it had the snow pasted on everything. I got some neat pictures.

I’ve always liked seeing the sun shining right after a snowfall. It’s especially cool looking to me when it’s on the snow that’s coating trees and things.

The first spot I noticed was the bushes down at the corner. The sun was shining on them now that it’s pretty far north, so I could see it from the house. This is where I’ve posted so many pictures in the past of the bulbs, and that’s why I originally walked down to get a closer look. I thought I saw them growing yesterday when I took Brooke to the bus stop and thought the deep green leaves might be poking through the snow. I didn’t see the bulbs, but the bushes looked cool.

Bushes With A Coating Of Snow

This is a photo of some still dormant bushes that have their stems coated with the snow from today. The sun is making them extra bright today.

The neighbor’s tall pine tree still had some snow on the branches and needles by the time the sun came out. It had lost a lot of the snow that had been on it, but there still was some, and I got this cool picture.

Neighbor's Pine Tree In The Sun With Snow On it

This is a picture of a snow-covered pine tree with the sun reflecting off of the snowy branches. The sky is clear in the background.

My favorite picture I got though has to be this one of the neighbor’s oak tree that had lots of snow on it. The trunk and branches had snow plastered to it from the wind earlier, and there was still some left on it by the time the sun did come out. Not as much as earlier, but still enough to make it look really cool with the bark and snow lit up by the sun’s rays. It’s also being contrasted by the mostly clear blue skies being it except for a couple of clouds left over.

A Snow-Covered Oak Tree

This is a photo of the neighbor's oak tree covered with snow that stuck to it. The sun is shining on it with clear sky in the background.