Nice Walk Tonight As The Snow Was Beginning To Fall

We somehow got lucky this evening and managed to time going for a walk just as the snow as beginning to fall. It wasn’t accumulating yet. It was more or less light flurries when we left here but when we got home about twenty minutes later it was ramping up.

There is just something so nice about walking in the snow. It’s just how the snowfall dampens the sound and make thing so quiet. There wasn’t much traffic this evening so that helped with the noise too.

It would have been even nicer to go out for our walk after there’s some accumulation but I know at least I am to tired to weight and go later. Honestly I didn’t even feeling going when we did go but it was good to get the blood flowing after my fairly heavy supper from Two Cousins and a nice rum and coke to go with supper.

It’ll be nice to see the ground snow covered tomorrow morning.