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Decent Winds Today

It was pretty windy today. The first day with any reasonable wind since I’ve had my weather station somewhat properly set up. It wasn’t the strongest wind I’ve seen here in the winter but with the tree gone it may be making the sound different too.

My weather station had recorded a maximum gust at 32.2 which was in the same ball park as the other local personal weather stations in the area. That made me pretty happy with the installation after last week it was a little underwhelming but as I said then the houses mostly block the northerly wind we had that day. Today’s more WNW winds weren’t blocked so they ended up being within a mph or two from each other. If the map is correct for the two of the other ones they would be essentially near the edge of a park with a mostly open area save a few pine trees and towards the top of a small hill so there wouldn’t be the obstructions from buildings like I have.

I figured the measurements being a bit lower last time was due to the blockage but today pretty much confirmed it for me. I know it’s not an ideal set up but it’s good enough. We don’t have a ton of space to set it up for one and of course I want easy access to change the batteries or what ever else might need to done.

The rainfall measurement for last night was 0.02 inches which matched up exactly with the closest weather stations right here in town so that reassured me that the rain gauge seems to be level enough. Heavier rain will tell the story more with the rain measurement but there’s no sign of that occurring anytime soon.