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Finally Some accumulating Snow

This morning and into this afternoon, we finally got some accumulating snow. Sure, we had a little more than a dusting of snow back in early December of last year, but that was pure luck when there was just enough back building. That rarely happens..

Today it’s been snowing at varying intensities since late morning, at least into the early afternoon as I’m writing this. There’s a good inch or so on the ground as of now, with the snow falling moderately. The temperature has jumped up to just below freezing, which is in line with the forecast of the snow changing to rain later on.

It’s not much, but at least it’s something. So far, this cold season, there really hasn’t even been much in the way of even cold air making the plunge southward into central Pennsylvania.

Mid-afternoon featured heavy snowfall and a temperature in the lower 30s. We had about two inches on the ground at that point. The easterly winds don’t bode well for the changeover to rain holding off too long but we’ll see what happens.

I went to clear the sidewalk, and the snow was pretty wet and heavy. The borderline temperature would imply that anyway. It’s not much, but it was nice to hear the snowfall type of air. Or maybe I should really say lack of hearing. Fresh snow always muffles the sounds outside. It’s one of my favorite parts about snow days. It is difficult to beat a day like this in the woods!

I’d say we got about three inches of snow before it mixed with sleet then quickly changed to rain and the temperature crept above freezing.