Listening To The Snow and Ice Melting

The past two days we’ve had snow then a mix and then rain. Really yesterday was mostly sleet and freezing rain. until the afternoon then it got above freezing and has been since. It was nothing major. A few inches of snow and sleet then a pretty think coating of ice on the trees and other untreated surfaces. If this setup had occurred in January it would have been a big mess because the cold air damming was holding strong yesterday.

With the stronger February sun out and temperatures in the upper 30s it’s slowly melting. There area a few small patches of grass showing through now.

It’s melting off the roof pretty quickly so I hear it dripping down the downspout. It’s actually kinda relaxing. It’s reminding me of the snow melting off the trailer roof at the mountains in the winter. The only think missing is the heat radiating off the coal stove!