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Hoping For Some Thundersnow Here In Lancaster County!

As forecasted for a few days now, It’s snowing heavily this morning. It was one of the nice storms that didn’t start out as hours of virga. It basically from nothing to moderate snow and started laying immediately.

Really though it’s a wasted snow storm like most this year when it’ll change to ice then rain, but you have got to take what you can get. Not every year can be really well performing winters like the past few have been.

I see lightning showing up on radar west of here, so there is thundersnow in south central Pennsylvania! Hopefully, we can get some of that here in Lancaster County before the changeover occurs because thundersnow is always really cool to see. There’s a reason Jim Cantore loses his shit during it! We actually got a pretty awesome video of the phenomenon a few years ago. I should see I can find it. Think about it this way, thunderstorms are always a good thing, and heavy snow rocks. Thundersnow combines the two of these into one sweet little combination!