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Looks Like My Hibiscus Cutting May Be Starting To Root

I’ve been wanting to try to root a cutting from our hibiscus for a while now and if it would take then plant it outside to see if it survives the winter. I think it’s probably a tropical one and won’t survive one of our cold winters but it would be worth a try since we’d have our original plant in the house.

Carrying it up stairs a couple of weeks ago I must have broken one of the branches a bit. It was split but still green. I wanted to prune that off and make it a clean cut. I thought why not take that small cutting and put it in some water and see if it will root. The information that I googled was mixed about when to do it or how to do it. I was cutting it off anyways and had nothing to loose by trying it out.

It’s been in water for a little over a week I think and it seems to be getting little white bumps and maybe a root starting. They’re barely visible but it’s giving me some hope that my little experiment may be working.