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Got A Venus Fly Trap

When I was a kid I had a venus fly trap and thought it was the coolest thing. The whole idea that plants could even be carnivorous was really neat to me. I’ve always been interested in thinks that are different from the norm.

I got more carnivorous plants years later. If I’d have to guess I’d say that was 15 years ago or so. It came with 6 plants in a little plastic green house type of thing. Some of them lived for years but some died quickly. I don’t really think that website sold the best quality plants and knowing what I know now didn’t give the best growing advice either. They were cheap at least.

I don’t have any idea why the idea suddenly popped into my head but it did so I did some googling to see where the best place to buy one is now }}. I had originally ordered a B52 from them but it had sold out before they could send me one. They offered to refund or choose a substitute. I figured what the hell I like surprises sometimes so they substituted it with this one.

Venus Fly Trap

This photo shows a venus fly trap plant with many large traps that are open.

I can’t say I’m disappointed with it in the least. It was actually a cool surprise and I am looking forward to seeing how it grows. Hopefully I don’t kill it. It would be awesome to see it actually catch a bug!