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Remembering My Cactuses

I was recently remembering some of the odd things I liked when I was growing up, particularly around elementary school age. One of those things was I liked plants but especially cacti because they were unusual or at least didn’t grow outside around here like your typical green leafed plants do.

I probably learned about them in school or something but this type of plant was just something I found very fascinating. I wanted to learn more and go to the desert and see them in the wild for myself but that wasn’t happening. I could get them in the store and grow them in the house so that’s what I did.

Acme, where we shopped normally had some for cheap and I remember buying lots of them or my Nan would by them for me. They were cheap. We had a room that had a bunch of windows in it and I remember having them in their little pots on every window sill. When ever I saw a different kind in the Acme I wanted to get one of them.

When I got a new one I would draw a picture of it along with the normal stuff I wrote when I wrote letters to my aunt that lived in California. Who can forget when you had to actually write letters and mail them. We had no easy instant communications in the early 80s like what’s readily available now. We didn’t have a working telephone nor would we have long distance on the rare occasion there was a working phone.

I had those cacti for several years but slowly overtime they got destroyed, not by me but by the dog or my brothers being boys or things like that.