Our White Swamp Milkweed Is Doing Really Well In Pots

A couple of summers ago I collected a whole bag of seeds from our white swamp milkweed. Late winter I stuck them in the fridge for a month and then planted them in pots. It took them forever to sprout. I think it was a couple of months. I just stuck them outside to see if anything happened after nothing happened

I had all but given up on it figuring I messed up or something until one day I noticed green sprouting. The green was a maple seed sprouting but noticed tiny seedlings so we left them there. Shortly after it became clear that they were milkweed.

We had a couple of large flower pots that we weren’t using so I thought I’d plant them in there after we had some left. They grew pretty good that summer but I don’t think they ever bloomed. The summer after that they bloomed pretty well with about six plants per pot coming up.

This year they’re growing like crazy with twenty plus plants per pot. We’ll probably have to thin them next year if we don’t transplant them into the ground. It evidently seeded itself in other pots that were nearby with other plants in them last fall.

It seems to be doing extremely well in the pots for us. It’s a good month ahead of the same milkweed we have out front from which I gathered the seeds in the first place. The stuff in the front planted directly in the ground is just now sprouting a few inches while the potted stuff is beginning to bloom now.

I don’t know why the stuff out back does so much better. I have to theories though. One is maybe it getting more sun earlier in the spring heats up the soil sooner so it grows earlier. It gets a lot of shade in the summer from our tree but will be gone in a few weeks so it’ll be interesting to see how well it does in mostly sunny conditions.

My other theory is maybe it’s possible the salt from the road messes with it. Our neighbors seem to feel the need to use their snow blowers to clear the street and tend to throw all the black salty shit into our front yards. Why anyone needs a snow blower that doesn’t even have a drive I don’t understand but I’m not any of my business nor am I judging.

If you were ever wondering if swamp milkweed will grow in pots on a patio our answer would be be a definite yes! I do water it daily because it won’t get any from the ground but that’s all we’ve done.