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Christmas Lights

One of the things I really enjoy about this time of the year is seeing the Christmas lights. Who doesn’t? I, personally, hate the holidays, but I do love seeing the lights and decorations.

There are two houses next to each other near Mount Joy that really do a lot every year. It’s almost as if they try to out do each other. Last year due to me having COVID-19, we really didn’t get to walk down past there like I wanted to. We drove around, but you can’t see that well from the car.

Last night we were out for a walk, and it was pretty nice. We were almost to the library to begin with, so I suggested we just take that route home to check them out. It was only going to be a block or two out of our way, so we did it.

Christmas Lights

This picture shows two houses with numerous Christmas lights.

We’ve noticed some other impressive Christmas decorations while out on our walks. I suspect we’ll be seeing more as time goes on, and it gets closer to the holidays. It’s always a good thing to see people putting time and effort into what they enjoy.

Growing up, I remember some houses really went all out with their Christmas lights. I even remember one having a donation box on their fence to help pay their electric bill. That was long before cheap and efficient LED lights were really out there.

We’re contemplating putting our lights up on the porch this year. Last year we wanted to, but then I was quarantined due to having tested positive for COVID-19. Unlike most people out there, I actually took it seriously.