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Dusk On The Northwest River Trail Near Chickies

We have been getting out to Chickies Rock County Park getting coordinates and other information we needed to hide a geocache out there. It’s been a while since we hid one!

It’s been really enjoyable getting out there on the trail in the evenings. It’s not been super busy with it being later and cooler.

Today we just happened to be crossing the bridge over Chiques Creek just after sunset and I was able to get this cool picture of the dusk settling in over the woods and river. It brought back so many great memories of being up the mountains at dusk growing up.

I wonder if they get the breeze coming down Chickie’s ridge in the evening like we did up the mountains. Ninety nine percent of the evenings up there in the summer there would be the slightly cool refreshing mountain breeze as the cooler air settled in and sunk down the ridge. I really liked how this picture turned out. It actually might have been a decent sunset to see were it not for the trees blocking the view.

First we approached the part of the trail that passes buy the cliff at Chickies Rock and saw it sort of still lit up. The picture, sadly, really doesn’t do what we saw justice. The Rocks were much brighter than they look here. They almost had a glow to them.

Looking up At Chickie's Rock Just After Sunset

This picture shows the cliff at Chickies Rock just after sunset from the Northwest River Trail.

We headed from the rock back to the car then and got to the bridge over Chiques Creek about 10 minutes later. The woods were dark by then with the sky still fairly bright but fading quickly.

Dusk From The NW River Trail

This is overlooking chickies creek just after sunset from the Northwest River Trail.