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Hurricane Sunset

We were at the granddaughters’ softball game last night. While we were there with it being later September and all the sun was setting, obviously. Hurricane Ian is down off the coast of Florida this evening, but the moisture is influencing the atmosphere up here already.

That outer effects of Ian are what brought us one of those outstanding hurricane sunsets. They’re always so vivid and colorful, and this occasion was no different.

First the youngest granddaughter wanted me to play with her or something and when I turned around, I noticed that the sky to the east was deep purple. I went to a clearing that faces towards a school I think to take a quick picture and that’s below. As always, the picture doesn’t really do these a ton of justice, but it’s better than nothing. The sun was still above the western horizon at this point.

Deep Purple Skies.

First the sky was a deep pinkish purple color away from the sun as it was setting.

About ten minutes later or so, the sky was deep, deep red towards the west where the sun had recently sunk below the horizon. It was one of the reddest sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. Unfortunately, the lights for the softball field were interfering with the view enough that I had to really zoom in to get them out of the picture. It’s sad that I couldn’t get the full view, but this is better than nothing.

Deep Red Sky Towards The Sun That Has Set.

This is a zoomed in picture of the very deep red sky towards the horizon where the sun recently set.