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Purple Glow This Morning

This morning, I got my coffee and sat on the couch for a second. I noticed a deep purple glow coming into the front windows between the TV and the window frame. It was a bright purple glow. I knew I had to grab a picture of it, but had to go upstairs and get my phone. Iā€™m not one of those people who have it on me all the time.

It only took me a minute to get my phone off the charger and put my shoes on, but by the time I was ready to head outside and check it out, the glow was already beginning to fade. It was still spectacular looking, but nearly as vivid as it had been when I first noticed it. The more colorful these sunrises are, the quicker they fade it seems.

Very Colorful Sunrise This Morning

This is a picture the a very colorful sunrise. The sky is a deep pinkish orange towards the horizon with a purple glow above that.