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Blue Marsh

We went to a geo event at Blue Marsh today. It was actually pretty interesting getting some information of how search and rescue works and hearing about Middle Creek Search and Rescue. You have to really appreciate the work they do. It was really interesting seeing how the k9s do their work.

Of course after the very interesting presentations we wandered off to find some geocaches. It was really a nice area to explore and we’ll absolutely have to return to Blue Marsh some day.

Spring was in full bloom today we saw tons of butterflies. My girlfriend managed to get a picture of this one eating away on a daisy. I don’t know what kind of butterfly this is but they’re common around here. I see them all the time but up here on the trail they were all over the place.

There were tons of flowers blooming and numerous butterflies flying around. There were other types too but they didn’t settle enough to get a picture of them.

Butterfly On A Daisy

This photo is of a butterfly sitting on a flower.

Blue Marsh seems like a good place to hike. We enjoyed exploring a bit of the one trail and want to come back for more!