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Got Out Caching On The Warwick To Ephreta Rail Trail

Today being election day, our first order of business was to get out and vote, which would free up the rest of the day. We knew the weather was going to get nice today. While out walking, we decided to try the new coffee shop, which turned out to be pretty good.

By the time we were heading home, the northwest half of the sky was clear, with lingering clouds to the southeast and sort of over us. The sun was in and out here. I was regretting wearing my jacket then, as the temperature was into the middle sixties after the damp start to the day.

We wanted to go geocaching. The original plan was Governor Dick, but my leg was really bugging me today. I did something to it but forgot what that was until this evening, when I remembered slamming it into the weight bench. That’s where the bruise lines up, too.

I thought the rocky, uneven trail may not be a good idea, so we stuck with a flatter rail trail. My leg gave out on me more than once while I was stepping up the stairs. Molly likes the sun, and I thought that would be good for her too. It turned out to be the perfect day for it.

The caches were nothing special, and with me being a little slow today and the bright sun with leafless brush having me be extra cautious with not seeing the twigs, Molly made all the finds. This time of the year is just not great for me out in the woods due to my vision. In the spring, I’d be more used to it. It wasn’t really about the caches today; it was about the journey. It was about being outside with some time to ourselves.

It was a great walk for us. We were out in the sunshine wearing shorts in November. Hell, I was even sweating a little bit. The sky was clear with just a slight breeze. The day felt more like spring than autumn with the warm breeze. The high temperature, according to my personal weather station, was in the upper 70s. It was a great day to be outside getting some fresh air and making vitamin D.

Clear Sky From The Rail Trail

This picture shows a green wide open field with hazy but blue sky. It looked very summer like.

On the way home, we ate at a place that Molly’s been to, but I had never been there. I know she’s been wanting to go there with me, but we never go that direction, so we haven’t been there. We were out and about, so I mentioned it today. We have been mainly going to places we can walk to since the pandemic.

We ate at Ciro’s Italian Bistro and it was good. I ended up getting lasagna because I have been wanting it for a long time now. There’s just no place to get it since Rosie’s closed. It’s okay from pizza places, but certainly nothing special. It was great here and reminded me a lot of Rosie’s old lasagna, but with different spices. I miss Rosie’s. It was soo god and so conveniently close to home.