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Dad's Race Car

I came across an old picture I had of my dad’s race car that he gave me. I thought that it was long gone, left in my trailer up the mountains which I haven’t been to in almost 20 years.

He Raced at Bridgeport in Jersey but before he started there we’d go to East Windsor to watch a guy from his work race. My dad helped him by making some parts for his car and then he started working on that guy’s car with him. I fell in love with dirt track racing seeing how much action there is. It was never boring and I bet it would have been even more interesting if I could see better to follow the cars better. I used binoculars but that limits what you can see at one time.

Eventually my dad got sponsored and got his own car. He never went fast enough to race. He was too old and too concerned about leaving my mom alone with 3 teenagers. That’s what he told me when he told me what needed to be done for my mom if something happened to him.

It was also fun and interesting hanging out at the truck place in Philly where the cars were kept and he worked on them until the owner of that business died. That old man had more stories and understanding of racing and cars than almost anyone I can think of.

I do regret not taking the opportunity to drive the car the day they rented the track. Honestly I was afraid something would happen and my dad would get banned from the track.

I am very thankful my dad always tried to include me in things like this or hunting which I really couldn’t do due to being legally blind. He did his best to try to find ways though.

My dad's race car that he drove at Bridgeport speedway

This is a picture of my dad's race car. It is a dirt track race car and number 37.