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Monarch Caterpillar Under Porch Railing

Our milkweed has lived up to its hopes now. While we have not noticed any butterflies, they’ve obviously been here. The other day was the first time that we had noticed any caterpillars. They’re brightly colored and all but surprisingly difficult to spot sometimes. Once you spot one, you can’t help but notice more. I don’t know for sure how many we have on our milkweed plant, but there are lots of them.

Today I happened to notice one crawling up the porch. I looked like it was maybe spinning silk here, which would be very cool to have it become a chrysalis right here in front of where I sit. I am really hoping it decided to keep using this spot.

Monarch Caterpillar Under Railing

Here is a picture of a monarch caterpillar that is on the underside of the railing.