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Very Yellow Sunrise This Morning

It’s been a few weeks since I got a good picture and posted it. This morning I was downstairs grabbing some coffee and there was a bright yellow glow coming in the windows. It reminded me a lot of those evenings when a thunderstorm is moving away at just the right time for the entire sky to glow, but there were no thunderstorms today and it is morning.

After looking at it for a minute, I decided to grab my phone and get a picture, I missed the best part of it while I went to grab the phone, but it was still outstanding nonetheless. By the time I got outside, the bright glow and faded into a more normal morning color, but there was an area of clouds that was glowing bright yellow. My phone did a surprisingly good job capturing it too. It was almost like a neon yellow blob in the sky.

It was a unique look to the morning sky. Normally, we have the oranges and reds, but this was a fluorescent yellow color.

Yellow clouds at Sunrise

This is a picture of the clouds in in the sky glowing a bright yellow color from the sunrise