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Saw A swallowtail Butterfly On The Trail

This afternoon we finally had some leisure time and cooperative weather to get out for a few geocaches. We headed out to the Conewago trail to find a few. That’s a nice trail that is used much more lightly than the river front trail and not nearly as many bad apples as the river front trail. Only a few bikes past us instead of the steady stream that are constantly blowing past on the other trail, often side by side.

The weather was great today with perfectly clear skies and a low humidity. The super bright sun is not ideal for me and my vision, but Molly likes it, so it’s all good. It was nice to get out and catch some fresh air.

When we got to one area, I noticed several butterflies flying around. All of a sudden, a large tiger swallowtail flew from over my head and landed on a tree right in front of us. It was just below eye level for me and just sat there for a couple of minutes with it its wings open and flat. I was almost able to touch it when it slowly closed its wings and flew away. I wanted to see if I could get it to craw onto my finger like the monarchs used to do.

Tiger Swallowtail

This picture shows a tiger swallowtail butterfly on a leaf. It's yellow and black with spots and stripes.