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Awesome Sunrise This Morning

Last night, we had a really nice sunset, but I didn’t get a good picture of it. As always, the traffic on our road was just too much to get one without headlights in it. Too many people have learned that our street is a shortcut to avoid traffic and traffic lights on main street.

This morning, I was grabbing my morning coffee and took a peek out the window and saw the bright orange and pink clouds in the sky. It was one of the more vivid sunrises I’ve seen in a while. The clouds were just right today.

The temperature being in the mid-twenties instead of single digits like last time certainly made it a little more enjoyable too. As always, I had to get a picture of it and maybe someone will see it, and it will brighten their day. It’ll be here for me to see later, too.

Awesome Sunrise

This is a picture of the sunrise. The clouds are orange and pink and are very vividly colored