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Awesome Sunrise

This morning, I noticed a glow coming from the window when I went to the bathroom. I looked out and saw that the sky was mostly brightly lit up with streaks of high clouds. They were orange and pink. The clouds were very brightly illuminated by the rising sun. It was more of a neon color.

As always, I went outside to have a better look at it. I mostly just stood there, awed by some of natureโ€™s beauty. It was brighter in person and outside than I could tell from the inside. The picture doesnโ€™t really do it a lot of justice. The color was more toward the north than the south, as there were more clouds there, but the entire sky had some color to it for the most part. It was similar to what you see when a tropical system is approaching.

Awesome Sunrise

This picture shows streaks of orange and pink clouds during sunrise..