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Really Nice Way To Start The Day

I’m a sucker for good sunrises and sunsets and today was a great one. Anytime I see a good one I have to go outside and just look at it and often times take a picture of it if I have my phone handy. They don’t last long so today I didn’t even bother putting my shoes on. That ground was cold after the low in the low teens last night.

Sunrise Over The Neighborhood

This picture is of a sunrise. The clouds are pink up above with more of an orange right near the horizon.

These arctic air masses bring out some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the winter. The cold air is just so clear with the low dew points and all the color is just sharper than the hazier ones in the summer and spring.

This is one where the picture really didn’t do the colors the justice that seeing with my own eyes did. It’s still worth it to grab a photo to remember it and share it with other and hopefully brighten someone’s day. I do wish the fence wasn’t there but if it weren’t for that there’s the buildings behind it so it good enough.