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A Different View Of The Sunset

It was a cloudy and showery day, but at least it was fairly mild. I wasn’t really expecting to see any sunshine today, but the cold front moved through around 3:00 PM or so, with a few gusty showers. Within 45 minutes the sky was getting blue patches and there were peaks of sun.

Near the time of the sunset, I was walking through the kitchen to grab a drink of water. The red coming in the window caught my eye, so I went over to look. The skies had cleared quite a bit and the setting sun was reflecting off the neighbor’s tree.

The tree looked really cool and bright red with the orange from the sun. The tree also holds its leaves most of the winter, and they’re red so that orange and red combined to make it glow even more. The clouds in the background were somewhat illuminated, but not that great. That made the tree stand out even more though.

A Different View Of The Sunset

This photo shows a red tree that is illuminated at the top from the sun setting directly behind me. The sky behind it is also somewhat illuminated beyond the tree, as the sunlight is hitting the residual clouds off to the east.