We had some clouds in the sky with an otherwise mostly clear skies this morning. That turned out to be just the right setup for a great orange sunrise. Everything had a strong orange glow as the sun was just below the horizon.

The camera on my phone didn’t do a great job at capturing the deep glow of the orange sun rays. But ultimately, I guess that it’s better than nothing7 I was thinking that we would get a great sunrise long before sunrise when I could see the glow at the edge of the horizon and in it didn’t disappoint.

Camera technology does have its limitations, but it’s remarkable what you can get from a device that fits in your pocket. Not only that, but the storage is essentially limitless. Not technically unlimited, but I remember those days when you had a roll of film that you couldn’t reuse. On the phone, you can delete and retake as you please.

This is a picture of the sunrise.  The clouds are orange bright orange.

Awesome Orange Sunrise