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Grabbed A Couple Of Geocaches In York County Today

Shortly after I finished my lifting this morning we got read to head out geocaching. It was too nice of a day to waste not getting out. Today’s idea was to head over to Rocky Ridge Park in York County. We needed to visit Best Buy which is near there so we thought we could kill two birds with one stone. We ended up forgetting to go to that Best Buy anyways.

We remembered really enjoying Rocky Ridge Park in the past when we’ve cached there but that was years ago. There were a bunch of caches that we’ve not found so it seemed like a good idea.

It was a holiday. We pulled up and the pavilion there was packed. That took some of the target caches out of the equation for the day but no big deal. We headed off hiking down the fairly quiet trail and had a nice time finding a couple of nice caches in the woods.

I had forgotten how nice it is over here. I’d also not remembered how rocky the trails were but that was one of those things implied just by the name of the park. I took it slower with the extremely bright sunshine today and dark shadows under the tree cover not really giving me much of a chance to see the trail so I “felt” my way along it.

You couldn’t ask for any nicer of a day today. Mid seventies with low humidity and a nice breeze. It was just a great day to be in the woods feeling the breeze, smelling the fresh woodsy air and hearing the breeze in the tree tops. Nothing is more relaxing than that. That was one of favorite things about fall in the mountains.

We moved the car to the other parking lot where it was thankfully much quieter then. We head off to a DNF. There were lots of rocks there and we spent at least an hour searching for the cache but just came up empty. I did spot this slug on the rocks.

A Slug On A Rock.

This is a picture surprisingly well camouflaged slug on the shady side of a large rock.

Even though we ended up with a DNF we enjoyed our time searching. DNFs aren’t a bad thing at all but just part of geocaching. Sometimes you just don’t find them but you can walk right up to them on the next attempt. The real enjoyment of caching for us is the time outside and the search.