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Sunset And Moon Rise At Mount Joy Train Station

I have always felt the need to stop and look at a awesome shows nature gives is and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Lift is too short to not enjoy the free things.

We were out for our evening walk and arrived near the train station with nearly perfect timing for both sunset and moon rise today. It’s pretty open up there so you can get a decent view of it. The sunset is not lined up with the train tracks like it was last week but it was still cool how it was behind a tree. I liked how it illuminated the tracks and train station too.

Sunset At Mount Joy Train Station

We got to the area of the train station just about in time for sunset and the sun's position is still pretty good to line it up well.

Being tonight is full moon we got a cool view of the rising moon at the same time. It sort of sucks that the electrical equipment was in the way but I liked how it was in between the tree branches.

Moon Rise At Mount Joy Train Station

The area near the Mount Joy train station is open enough to get a pretty good view of the moon rise.