I have posted quite a few sunrise pictures over the winter. Sunset pictures here at home are a lot harder to come by during the winter months. The neighbors’ houses and other buildings block the sky towards the south west a good bit. Now that the sun is further north in the evening I should begin seeing a lot more nice sunsets at least until the trees get leaves and the sun is well to the north of west. When that happens it will be more less blocked a good bit again by the trees this time.

I will enjoy them when I see them and like with the sunrise pictures I will try to get pictures of the dusky skies and share that joy on here too. Everyone needs a little extra positive points in their life. Life is too short to not take in and enjoy the awesome, free things nature has to offer.

This picture is of a sunset.  The sky is filled with orange clouds lower on the horizon with some pink clouds above it.

Today's nice sunset