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Got More Milkweed

Two monarch butterflies nectoring on our new pink swamp milkweed flowers

This is a picture that shows two monarch butterflies nectoring on our new pink swamp milkweed.

Our milkweed was eaten bare save a few new leaves the caterpillars hadn’t found yet. We happened to be at a hardware store picking up sand for our sandbag and saw there was still some stuff in the garden center so I suggested we go look for milkweed just in case they have any left. We walked right past it at first then I smelled the vanilla smell. They had the pink swamp milkweed the we originally wanted. Our old one turned out to be white. We bought what they had left.

Within an hour of sitting the pots in the front yard butterflies were on the flowers eating the nectar. Once we planted it on the ground we had the usual single bumble bee there all day long but monarchs there too all day long. At once point we had these two on the flowers and two others laying eggs. Never quite figured out for sure if two were mating or fighting.