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Pink Sky In The Morning

This morning, when the sky was just starting to brighten, I noticed that there were clouds forming. They looked like the layered and thin ones that tend to give the best sunrises, so as should be expected by now, I kept an eye on them to see if it was worth checking out.

Near sunrise, I saw a slight glow coming in the window, so I went over to it and looked. The horizon was bright orange! I had to grab my shoes and go check it out, and I was not disappointed by what I saw. While I was out there, I noticed the bright pink sky to the north, so I went and got a better view of that where the buildings werenโ€™t blocking it.

There was a nice bright pink streak of clouds going from the north-east to the southwest. It had a great glow to it, so I had to grab a picture of it. It was in an area of the sky thatโ€™s mostly in clear view except for the wires and utility poles, but that tradeoff of modern utilities and conveniences is one thatโ€™s worth a slightly obstructed view of the sky.

Pink Sky In The Morning

This picture shows some bright pinks clouds in the sky around sunrise. There are also wires and telephone poles in it unfortunate.