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Colorful Skies This Morning

Recent days have been cloudy, dreary, and wet. It’s well into December now and just a couple of weeks from the solstice, so the sun is nearly as low in the sky as it’s going to get. That leads to those cloudy days being pretty dark too.

This morning was different from the past few. There were plenty of breaks in the clouds and sunrise, and it made for a nice, bright and colorful sky. Not so much at the eastern horizon as it is a lot of impressive sunrises, but more to the west and overhead as the sun was lighting the clouds from the bottom. It wasn’t as bright and vivid as some days, but it was still a sight to see and enjoy.

If you don’t take the time to enjoy things like this, you’re missing out on life.

Colorful Skies This Morning.

This picture shows clouds of various shades of pinks and oranges from the sunrise.

I don’t really have high hopes for it to happen, but I would enjoy it if I could collect some sunshine today. I would appreciate it if we had a period at least of mostly sunny skies near noon, when the sun is at its highest point of the day. That way I could take some time to relax a bit in it and collect some vitamin D. There’s not much that can make me feel content like the strong, warm sun on my face. It’ll be too cool to get much more than that today, but it is December.